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Volkshaus Jena

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The Volkshaus was designed by A Rossbach, a Leipziger Architect. It was opened in 1903, through the establishment of the Carl Zeiss Foundation and an initiative by Ernst Abbe. Its purpose is to operate to the well-being of the Jena population. The building now belongs to the Ernst-Abbe-Foundation, and since 1991 has been leased by the State of Jena.

The opening of the Ernst-Abbe-Library was the highlight of the first construction phase. Today, the Volkshaus Complex is exactly how it was when first built in 1903. The excellent acoustics in the Great Room are exceptional and can be compared to that of the Elegant Houses of Leipzig.

The Volkshaus houses the Ernst-Abbe-Library; Jena Philharmonie and Klubkeller Modul e.V. Various events take place in the respective premises. With the different rooms and the many possible seating arrangements, the desired effect for any event can be attained.

The Volkshaus stands under the protection of the Monument, and it offers a rich traditional ambience for Meetings and Conferences in Jena town centre.


The Volkshaus can be found in Jena town centre and offers social and cultural events for Meetings and Conferences. We help you with:

  • Planning, Organising and Producing events where you work together with the Organisers.
  • Hiring of function rooms including advice.
  • Arranging Artists.
  • Ticket Advance Purchase.
  • Events and Programme information.
  • Preparing and arranging technical equipment.
  • Since September 2000, the Volkshaus has been able to provide excellent food through the renowned Hotel Steinberger Esplanade Jena.


Great Hall

The Great Hall is approx 600qm with places for 570 people (depending on the seating arrangements), while the balcony is approx 240qm. Together, they provide sufficient capacity for Concerts, Performances, Meetings and Conferences.

Little Hall

The 162,4qm Little Hall is particularly suitable for Lectures, Readings, Conferences, Meetings and Dance Performances.

Room 10/11

Room 10/11 on the second floor can seat 150 people at 162.6qm, and is suitable for Discussions, Meetings, Conferences and Rehearsals. It is in fact two rooms connected by a dividing door. (Room 10: 14,4m x 7,4m, Room 11: 7,6m x 7,4m)


Covering over 396qm, the Foyer is suitable for small exhibitions.

Oberlicht Hall

Suitable for Meetings, Discussions and Rehearsals for up to 40 persons at 79.1qm. The use of these rooms is restricted due to the need for renovation.

Schaeffer Hall

The Schaeffer Hall is approx 162,4qm with a capacity for 110 people for Lectures, Readings, Conferences, Meetings and Dance Performances.


Media offered by the Volkshaus: Overhead Projector, Slide Projector, Photocopying, CD and MC techniques, TV, Video Recording, a fixed stage in the Great Hall, 48 platforms (2m x 1m), amplified house installations for speech acoustics transmitting throughout the Great Hall, the Foyer, the Little Hall and Schaeffer Hall. Mobile Lighting System with 2 tripods, 6 floodlights, separate "Eurotruss" crossing lights (6m high x 12m wide), stationary "Strand-Lighting" light installations, stage managed for the Great Hall, Conference installations with 30 speakers, JBL amplified installations, 2HMI 1.2kw trailing floodlights, 4m x 4m upright screens, 6m x 4m stage pulled screens in the Great Hall.

Mobile seating: 85 folding tables (2m x 0,6m), 10 round tables (Ø1,35m), 800 interlinked stackable chairs.


  • 1 large Steinway Grand Piano ( Stage in the Great Room).
  • 1 Steinway Clipped Grand Piano (Great Room).
  • 1 Steinway Clipped Piano (Room 10/11).
  • 1 Römhildt Clipped Piano (Foyer/Schaeffer Hall).
  • 2 pianos.

The Sharp Organ in the Great Hall:

  • Replaced the 1906 Organ by Max Reger in 1987.
  • One of the new largest Organs in Thüringen.
  • Built into the back wall of The Great Room.
  • Technical Data:
    • 61 stops
    • 4.800 Organ pipes (up to 7m long)
    • Mobile keyboard
  • Particularities
    • good sonority
    • lightness and sharp Baroque Harmonium
    • great crescendos

Artist Changing Room

  • 4,60m x 3,20m Soloist room (+ 4qm Sanitary facilities with WC, washbasin and Shower).
  • 11,20m x 4m Changing room below the Stage (+ 2ca. 15qm large make up room including 9qm sanitary facilities with WC; washbasin and Shower).


Volkshaus Jena
Carl-Zeiß-Platz 15
07743 Jena

Telefon +49 3641 590013
Telefax +49 3641 442820

E-Mail: heidemarie.waldmann@jena.de

Hire of Rooms Sabina Callehn +49 3641 498130
Artistic Director Heidi Waldmann +49 3641 498180
Technical Director Türk Damer +49 3641 498070
Technician Roland Niekler +49 3641 498071
Property Manager +49 3641 498130

We are pleased to help if you would like to know more. Simply fill in the contact form.

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